Pip-Boy Lunch Box Bundle

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Updated 1/31/2022: Features of Magnets

Some people have perks. Others have positively glowing traits. What’s your S.P.E.C.I.A.L–ty? Show them off with your Fallout Pip-Boy Lunch Box Bundle!


  • Pip-Boy Lunchbox
    • What would you put in this Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV lunch box? Nuka-Cola? Brahmin meat? Stims? A sewing kit? Or will you use it just to display your perk magnets? (More on that below.)
  • Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV design on front
    • Vault-Tec logo on back
    • 8.7 x 4 x 6.7 in (220.98 x 101.6 x 170.18 mm)
    • 28mm-thick Tinplate
  • Set of 4 Perk Magnets
    • Make the screen come alive with Vault-Boy’s hijinks. Each piece fits neatly within the Pip-Boy’s display panel. 
    • 1x Nerd Rage!
    • 1x Agility
    • 1x Mysterious Stranger
    • 1x Sneak
    • Material: PVC; Magnets
    • Size: 3 in (76.2 mm) tall


Pip-Boy Lanyard and Pin Bundle

Fallout Vault-Boy Watch

Limited Edition Charisma Perk Card

Limited Edition Agility Perk Card

Limited Edition Perception Perk Card


Fallout Video Game Merch

  • Collectible: Bundle

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Pip-Boy Lunch Box Bundle

$7.99 USD $25.00 USD


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$7.99 USD $25.00 USD