Red Rocket Heat Changing Mug

Red Rocket Heat Changing Mug



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You can find a lot of fun items for sale at a truck stop, but what better way to remember your visit to the commonwealth than with a memento from the Red Rocket Truck Stop. Drink like a local with the FALLOUT Red Rocket Heat Changing Mug!



What you get:

  • Hot Coffee! The true form of the mug reveals itself with heat. Transition from the Red Rocket logo to the "Drive In. Fly Out" art graphic.
  • Upstanding! Made of durable and high-quality ceramic, it’d be hard for this item to fall into disrepute! Unlike some burglars we know.
  • Large Loot! Holds up to 15oz.
  • Microwave safe! Sometimes your joe needs a little reheat, now you don't have to be afraid to toss it into a microwave for a few seconds to get it back to piping hot.
  • Hand-wash only. Skip the dishwasher, please.

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Created by Development Plus, Inc.