Red Rocket Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

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  • Set of 2 Salt and Pepper Shakers
    • 1 Red shaker with four holes
    • 1 Yellow shaker with four holes
  • Iconic Red Rocket Theme
    • Shakers in the shape of the Red Rocket
    • Red Rocket Logo on front of the shakers
  • Size
    • Height: 4.53 inches (11.5 cm)
    • Middle diameter: 0.98 inches (2.5 cm)
    • Base width: 1.97 inches (5 cm)
  • Material
    • Ceramic
    • Rubber stopper
  • Care Instructions:
    • Hand wash only with mild soap


Make your home feel like your favorite restaurant and gas station with the Red Rocket Salt & Pepper Shaker Set. From the Red Rocket family friendly restaurants to your kitchen table. These iconic rocket shaped shakers compliment any place setting.

The shakers come in two colors; rocket red and diesel yellow. On the front is the Red Rocket logo surrounded by the words Gasoline Diesel Fusion.

Each shaker has four holes in it so you can decide which one is salt or pepper. Or you can put in any dry seasoning to spice up your food. The rubber stoppers on the bottom make for a quick refill and easy cleaning.

Each shaker is made of ceramic with a colorful glaze on them. The weight of the ceramic helps hold them place to help prevent it from knocking over easily. Check out the small details in the shaker. There are tiny bumps on the sides of the legs of the rocket, just like the larger versions of the Red Rocket. 

Warning: The Red Rocket Company is not held responsible for spilt condiments due to unintended uses of the shakers.


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Home & Office: Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

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Red Rocket Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

$3.99 USD $20.00 USD


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$3.99 USD $20.00 USD