Ritual of Mara 10K Gold Ring

$1,000.00 USD

<Page Updated 5/2/2021>

Are your vows ready? Say them with this faithful and beautiful recreation of the Ring of Mara.


  • Made-to-order
  • Limited Time OFFER! Only available until February 14th, 2021
  • This item will not come back to the store!!
  • Material
    • Solid 10K Yellow Gold
    • Polished to a mirror shine
  • Design
    • “With this ring and Mara’s blessing.” engraved on the inside of the band
    • Nord knotwork embossed on the outside of the band
    • 4-pointed Nord knot embossed on a circular focal
    • Classic Shank Profile
    • Equal Width Band
  • Measurements
    • Band Width: 6mm (0.24 in)
    • Focal Design Diameter: 12mm (0.47 in)



If you’re one of the lucky ones who have found someone you wish to spend your life with on Earth and Nirn, make your way to the Shrine of Mara, and exchange rings with your beloved.

If you’re one of the equally lucky ones who are happy to be on your own or to wait for that special someone, the blessings of Mara still rain upon you.

The Elder Scrolls Ritual of Mara 10K Gold Ring is for all who believe in the Divine of Love. It carries a warm and soft yellow tone often used in historical old-world jewelry. This lighter color most accurately matches the original Elder Scrolls Online concept art found in-game.


  • The Elder Scrolls Online Jewelry / Accessory: Ring

Ritual of Mara 10K Gold Ring

$1,000.00 USD


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