Storm Cloak Heat Changing Mug

Storm Cloak Heat Changing Mug


Do you declare Ulfric to be the one true king? Drink with gusto with the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Storm Cloak Heat Changing Mug!

Whether you drink coffee, tea or hot mead, you can enjoy your new mug:

  • Loyal! Raise high your mug emblazoned with the symbol of the Storm Cloak faction.
  • Turn up the heat! Increase the excitement with a little warmth and watch as the Skyrim landscape appears as you pour your favorite hot drink into this mug!
  • Epic! Featuring official Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim key art.
  • Quality! Made of durable and high-quality ceramic.
  • Loot Large! Holds up to 15oz.
  • Microwave safe! Though it might not be period correct, it does make it easy to keep your drink warm.
  • Hand-wash only. Skip the dishwasher, please.

Loyal faction members can now add their Storm Cloaks Heat Changing Mug
to their collection now!

Created by Development Plus, Inc.