The Unstoppables Box

$70.00 USD

Join the heroes fan club with The Unstoppables Box and be a part of their crime fighting team.


Unstoppables Welcome Pack Set of 10 Items

  • 1x Fan Club Membership
    • Front: Membership signature
    • Back: The Inspector’s secret encoder
  • 1x Sticker Sheet
    • 6 stickers of The Unstoppables
  • 1x Meet the Cast Ticket
    • One ticket to meet the cast of the upcoming “The Unstoppables Show”
  • 1x Personal Letter from Manta Man
    • A letter from your old friend
    • Features Manta Man’s favorite reads
  • 5x The Unstoppable Comic Cover Prints
    • Full color prints of the covers from The Unstoppables comic series
  • 1x The Silver Shroud Calling Card
    • .999 silver plated replica
  • 1x Collectible Coin
    • Antique nickel finish
    • Front: “Hubris Comics The Unstoppables” Logo
    • Back: Embossed Image of The Unstoppables members
  • 1x Enamel Pin
    • Featuring Grognak the Barbarian
  • 1x Felt Wall Pennant
    • Size: 12 x 30 inches (30.48 x 76.2 cm )
  • 1x Print Advertisement
    • Features The Unstoppables official merchandise from Hubris comics
  • Created by FaNaTtik



Become a member of the greatest fan club of all time, The Unstoppables fan club. Join the Silver Shroud, The Inspector, Mistress of Mystery and Grognak the Barbarian as they fight crime upholding justice and protecting the innocent. The box has everything a true fan would have from the encoder to the Shroud’s calling card. 

*Note: This box or it’s contents will not give you +1% chance of avoiding all damage from an attack nor does it stack up to 5 times.


Fallout Video Game Merch

  • Collectible: Box Set

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    The Unstoppables Box

    $70.00 USD


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    $70.00 USD