Tops Casino Black Jack Set

$7.99 USD $20.00 USD

To beat the house at Blackjack, you’d need a playmat, a wad of NCR cash, a sharp mind, and Lady Luck’s favor. The Fallout Tops Casino Blackjack Set can get you the first two. But you take care of the rest!


  • 1 x Fabric Blackjack Playmat
    • 20 x 12 in (50.8 x 30.48 cm)
  • Play Money
    • Includes $1's, $5's, $10's, $20's, $50's & $100's
    • 30 pieces each
    • Design is based on the $100 New California Republic bill


Gather your friends, pour your drinks, and place your bets. Turn any flat surface into a Blackjack table.

But don’t make it just any old Blackjack table. This set includes a fabric playmat based on the ones you can find on the Tops Casino gambling floor.

Just like its in-game inspiration, It makes room for up to five players opposite the dealer.

Practice your gambling strategy with the set’s play money. They’re based on the NCR bill featuring President Tandi, and come in $1's, $5's, $10's, $20's, $50's & $100’s—all color-coded to made them easy to tell apart.

When you’re done, fold the playmat into a neat little rectangle and stash it back into the pack with the play money for easy storage and carrying.


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Tops Casino Black Jack Set

$7.99 USD $20.00 USD

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