07 Vault Dweller Pin of the Month

$15.00 USD

The only thing standing between you and radioactive levels of adventure is a thick gear-shaped door. Open a Vault to the most delightful surprise with the Fallout Vault Dweller Pin of the Month!

It tells the vault dweller story in two parts: starting with a closed Vault door, and flipping open to reveal Vault Boy inside, looking cheerily out into the welcoming Wasteland.

Vault-Tec Industries is very proud to present this Project Safehouse collectible.

Observe its unbeatable craftsmanship!
• Vault door in the iconic gear shape
• Featuring the Vault-Tec logo
• 1.7” in diameter

• A matching gear-shaped opening
• Featuring an emerging Vault Boy
• 1.75” in diameter.

These pieces are connected by a well-constructed hinge.

Enjoy its extraordinary features!
 Hefty! At 2-inches tall, it really gives justice to those massive Vault doors.

• Dimensional! Featuring a textured, soft enamel finish. The raised metal and recessed paint give it a satisfying sculptural feel.
 Sturdy! Made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant zinc alloy, this pin was made to withstand and survive, just like the Vault. And just like YOU!
• Secure! Thanks to butterfly clasps that pin it in place, you can fasten and forget, because it just won’t budge!
 Very rare! Only 1,000 pieces are available! We can’t ALL be vault dwellers, unfortunately. The good news is, everyone gets a chance. So grab yours now!

This Pin of the Month was created by Development Plus, Inc.

    07 Vault Dweller Pin of the Month

    $15.00 USD

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