VbotM Mystery Grab Bag

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Second chances don’t come easy. But as luck would have it, Vault Boy of the Month tees #57–69 are making a limited comeback.

Get a random one from your Fallout VBotM Mystery Grab Bag!

Quantities are very limited, and this offer is only available while they last.


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#57 Born Survivor

Nothing a little stimpak can’t cure.

#58 Cola Nut

Zap that thirst! How many bottles of Nuka have you had?

#59 Night Eyes

This delightful artwork will make your eyes light up!

#60 Curator

Another great find! This one’s a favorite among collectors with refined, museum-worthy taste.

#61 Party Boy

Be the life of the party with this goofy tee! Where’d he get those helium baloons?

#62 Nuka Tapper

It won’t make you catch mugs of Nuka any faster, but you’d sure look exceptional while doing it!

#63 Pip-Fall

If you collect Bobbleheads, this is the meta shirt for you. The ink even glows in the dark—just like the holotape game!

#64 Luck

Charm lady luck! In fact, charm anyone. In this tee, Vault Boy wears a leprechaun hat and carries a four-leaf clover.

#65 Welcome to New Vegas

Wear a souvenir from the fabulous city where travelers find friends, foes, Three Families, and a whole lot of fortune.

#66 Live Well

Fill your days inside your vault with a life well-lived, and a fashion sense to match!

#67 Days of Summer

Enjoy a nuclear summer with Vault Boy. The flames in the art are printed with orange foil!

#68 America Lives On

Following total atomic annihilation, the rebuilding of this great nation of ours may fall to you. Here’s your chance to proudly wear this honor!

#69 Retro Boy

Vault Boy starred in some holotape games and came back looking a little different.

PLEASE NOTE: Tees are fulfilled randomly, but due to their small quantity. Duplicates are possible if ordering more than one.


  • Fallout apparel: Vault Boy of the Month Mystery Grab Bag

VbotM Mystery Grab Bag

$15.99 $28.00

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