Vehicles of Fallout Poster

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Our great nation was a land of advanced technological achievements… and terrible civil strife. As in any age, most ordinary people wanted only one thing - a happy, peaceful life. What they got was complete nuclear annihilation. And some hot rods!

Now, you too can get them. 8 of them in fact, with your Vehicles of Fallout Poster!


  • Size: 18 x 24 in (45 x 60.96 cm)
  • Featuring artworks of 8 vehicles found in the Fallout games!


  • Chryslus Cherry Bomb Sports Car
  • Fusion Flea Supreme
  • Lone Wanderer motorcycle
  • Station Wagon
  • Zip
  • Coupe
  • Pick-R-Up
  • Corvega Sedan


How about 8? Behold, the cars of the Wastes—minus the decay!

You’ve seen these beauties scattered around and falling to pieces. But to see them so polished and brand new is a rare, mostly pre-War privilege. Until now.

Presenting some of the Fallout games’ coolest vehicles as they were before the bombs dropped, printed with rich colors and vivid details.

Hang this piece of art in your settlement and proudly display your collection of nuke cars.

PLEASE NOTE: These vehicles come with zero risk of explosion, rads, or mushroom clouds. Please discourage your guests from trying to blow them up.


  • Fallout collectible art: poster
  • Full color print


Vehicles of Fallout Poster

$15.99 $25.00

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