Bethesda Gear Rewards & VIP Program

A short while ago, we "soft launched" the Bethesda Gear VIP program. It was well received despite some of the growing pains we had rolling it out. During the rollout, we received tons of questions about the program:

  • How to become a VIP?
  • What do you get as a VIP?
  • Is there a way to check my path to becoming a VIP?

Those were all great questions and got us to thinking about how to formalize the program and make it even better.

Bethesda Gear Rewards

Welcome, to our new Bethesda Gear Rewards Program!! There are lots of ways to earn reward points, exciting options for using those points, and VIP tiers that you can join by accumulating reward points over the course of the year.

Who Is Eligible?


To start earning reward points, you sign up for a Bethesda Gear account. You even earn 200 points right off just for signing up!

If you already have a Bethesda Gear account, then you are automatically enrolled in the rewards program and can start adding points to your account right away.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a current account holder, all purchases since the beginning of the year were converted to Reward Points, at a rate of 3 points for every $1 spent, and loaded into your rewards account at the launch of the program.

 Ways To Earn

Ways To Spend

    VIP Tiers



    When you refer a friend... you get 1000 points. They get $10 off.

    First, you'll need to share your personalized referral link with your friends who haven't yet had the chance to meet us.

    If they are new to Bethesda Gear, when they visit, a pop up will appear with a code to give them $10 off.

    Once the friend you referred to Bethesda Gear makes a purchase using their unique $10 off code, your account will be rewarded with 1000 points.



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