What ring would a Slayer wear?

Han Cholo Jewelry Design

"What ring would a Slayer wear?"

Every great product starts with a statement that forms the basis for the design philosophy. In this case, it could easily have been a question that could have started a company, as well.

Han Cholo designer, Brandon Schoolhouse, has a knack for mashing together the street and geek cultures into a fun and bold fashion statement. His early experiences in the LA music scene and wardrobe design might influence his designs, but it is his passion for geek culture that really brings this Bethesda Gear store jewelry collection to life.

Han Cholo office

Making collections for myself

Brandon is passionate about the collection he has put together. It's not hard to understand when you realize that he is a big fan of the Bethesda games. He cut his teeth on DOOM and always wanted to create a line of jewelry that a Slayer would actually wear. When the Gear store contacted him about building a collection for some of his favorite games - it was a match made in heaven.

Brandon is a rabid fan of comics, sci-fi, toys and video games. When asked about his reason for starting up Han Cholo, Brandon says that he would search high and low to find the type of jewelry that he wanted to wear, but was never able to locate what he was looking for. So, he did what any talented guy would do....he started creating it himself!

"I'm a total perfectionist. It's a hard thing for me to let a project go because I have so much fun with them. I'm a part of that ring...."

...and you can see the level of dedication reflected in his design process. 

He starts out sketching and drawing but very quickly jumps into his 3d software where he can rough in the shape, print out a sample to see how the piece lays on the body. From there, it's a massive amount of iterations going back and forth from physical and digital until he's happy with the physical space the piece holds. "It's not a fast process..." is how Brandon sums up his creative process. After he sorts out the physical presence of the piece, then he goes back into the development process and starts adding all the details to the article - working out distressing, scrollwork, stone settings, and all the fine details that elevate his pieces to his Han Cholo design standards.

The Han Cholo Signature

When you have fans, creating for fans, you can count on the products hitting the mark. Han Cholo takes great fan creations a couple of steps further by offering:

  • .925 Sterling Silver precious metal collection
  • Guaranteed for life through Han Cholo
  • Made in Los Angeles CA

The New Collection

The Han Cholo collection features items inspired by the Fallout and DOOM video games. Each of the items is made from .925 Sterling Silver and has a significant presence. You'll never mistake these designs for dainty pieces of jewelry. They are created to make a statement - and they are unapologetic in fulfilling on that design intent.


T-51 Power Armor Ring

T-51B Power Armor Ring

Nuka Cola Necklace

Nuka Cola Bottle Necklace

Nuka Cola Thirst Blaster Necklace

Nuka Cola Thirst Blaster Necklace


DOOM logo ring

DOOM logo Ring

DOOM Slayer Helmet Ring

DOOM Slayer Helmet Ring


Collection Launch

The Han Cholo collection will release on the Bethesda Gear store on March 14th, 2019. All items will be available for pre-order and will ship in late April 2019. 

Be sure to sign up for the Bethesda Gear store email list to make sure you receive a reminder of the launch on the 14th.

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