New International Shipping Features

New International shipping features and services available on the Gear Store!

We've listened to our international fans and have been quietly working behind the scenes to find with solutions to your feedback about shipping orders internationally. While we haven't been able to solve all the issues, we are making significant strides.

Last week, we launched an initiative with Passport Shipping - the #1 international shipping carrier for e-commerce. By partnering with them, we have the ability to offer new pricing, get access to more, and better, last mile carriers...and probably most importantly, the ability to pre-pay your taxes and duties!!

Let's be real, international shipping will never be cheap, but in our recent tests with actual customers orders, we saw significant saving in shipping costs, and a lot of excitement for the ability to pre-pay their duties and taxes. One of the biggest impacts of paying for your taxes and duties at the time of your purchases means avoiding the surprise of fees or needing to deal with customs on your end of the delivery!

Choosing DDP

The process is pretty simple. When you are checking out, if this service is available in your country, then you will be given the opportunity to select the service when selecting shipping options. If you select the pre-paid duties and taxes (DDP) option, the check out will break out the costs for shipping, taxes and duties. Offering you the ability to make an informed decision about your shipping options.

Tracking and Shipping Questions

Because the shipping is through a third party shipping provider, you should use their tracking page to check your shipping information. The nice thing about it is that we have tried to make that pretty seamless, when you check our Gear Store account, the tracking number will automatically link to their tracking page.

If you have any questions about your shipment, you can access their customer service team directly from that page and they will be able to help you with your questions about shipping.


If you have more questions about the service, please review the Passport FAQ on their site.

Due to system limitations, we cannot offer the ability to change shipping options after your order has been made.

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