Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck

 Diecast Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck

<Updated May 16,2019>

The Wand Company has created some incredible die-cast replicas from the Fallout universe - like the Fusion Flea and Pick-R-Up Truck. Diecast collectors have been clamoring for additional vehicles to be made. Now, the Bethesda Gear store is teaming up with these creative gurus of Pre-Apocalyptic American metal to create the Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck!

The Wand Company

If you aren't familiar with The Wand Company, they were founded in 2009 by Chris Barnardo and Richard Blakesley, inspired by the massive success of the Make Your Own Wizard’s Wand project on Chris’s parenting activities website,

The Wand Company products are designed and developed in the UK and fulfill their commitment to creating beautiful products that bring magic into peoples lives. 


Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck

Chris Barnardo, during a recent conversation, shared that the idea of the Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck came out of a brainstorming session where the team was chatting about what to do next that would excite the fans. A mention of a delivery truck sparked a lot of interest. The idea of making it the Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck was hit upon, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

If you are familiar with The Wand Company and their line of Fallout die-cast vehicles, then you know they are committed to high quality and a fan experience like no other company.  So there's going to be a lot to love about the new addition to the Fallout vehicle line.

Okay, let's dig into the details of the Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck a bit.

In case you haven't guessed, this truck is HUGE! They are sticking with the 1/18 scale of the previous two vehicles, and that means this vehicle will be an astounding 15" long. To put that in perspective, you could fit a Fusion Flea in the storage area of the truck!

 Image for illustration purposes only. The top of the cargo are DOES NOT remove


Each truck, like the previous vehicles, will include an "Owners Manual," exclusive pin, and collectible themed packaging. The Wand Company is even exploring the possibility of having individualized license plates for each vehicle! We will be able to confirm this aspect by the launch of the truck. The truck will include exquisite details like operating doors, tilt cab, light-up engine and cab, metallic paint, chromium plated accents, Nuka-Cola graphics and more. As always, The Wand Company stands by their product with their full warranty against manufacturing defect for one year. The production run is limited to 3000 delivery trucks.

Tilt cab on the Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck
Where to get it

The Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck is available to the public for pre-orders starting on May 21st on the Bethesda Gear store

Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck


CabCab details

Front ViewBack View

Exploded view


UPDATE - May 16, 2019

Chris Barnado, from The Wand Company, shared with us some super secret photos from the factory. These are "first shots" from the factory - testing the accuracy and quality of the molds. From here, they will make tweaks as needed to create the high standard of quality the Wand Company stands for.

Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck First Shot Diecast Parts

Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck "Fist Shot" diecast Parts

Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck spru of truck cab innards

Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck spru of truck cab innards

Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck Test Assembly

Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck Test Assembly

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