Please Stand By...

Please Stand By

... while we make some updates to the Fallout Monthly Tee program

First, there was the Vault Boy of the Month t-shirt program
Then there was the Monthly Tee From The Vault t-shirt program 
Next month, we roll out the next incarnation of the monthly tee program!

The first question you might be asking is, well, why?

To be honest, it's because of the feedback we received from the fans. So many of you asked us to bring back the Vault Boy of the Month program, that we decided to take heed of the calls for some PERK love. We've got a whole slew of new PERK art crying out for a tee, and it's time to bring it to the world!

In The Meantime...

So, while we transition over to the Vault Boy of the Month, we've got one of the most requested designs releasing on May 28th - the "Please Stand By" tee!

 Available NOW on the Bethesda Gear Store


Coming Up Next...

We'll be starting back up where we left off - with #57. Fallout has a whole new set of perks available to choose from, and we are going to start things off with Born Survivor!

Every month, on the last Tuesday, we will release the next Vault Boy of the Month tee. The t-shirt will be offered for only one week, and once the deadline is hit, we calculate the number of tees needed and manufacture enough to fulfill the pre-orders. We will not reprint the tees after the release.

Born Survivor Vault Boy of the Month tee


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