What Are You Wishing For?

 Have you ever wished you could:

  • Create a list of your favorite items on a site?
  • Share a list of your favorite items with friends or family so they have great gifting ideas for your birthday or the holidays?
  • Create custom lists so you can group items by price, or game - or to share with different groups of people (friends vs family)?
  • Get a notification when you favorite gear goes on sale?
  • Get a notification when a special gear gets low in stock?

If you have wished for any of those things, then you need to look for the hearts...

To be really specific, you need to look for the heart in the top navigation bar


and the product pages.

Those little hearts are your gateway to the Bethesda Wishlist.

Your Wishlist allows you to keep track of all of your favorite gear and shopping activity whether you're on your computer, phone, or tablet. You won't have to waste time searching all over again for that item you loved on your phone the other day - it's all here in one place!

One little click on the heart in the upper navigation bar and you will open the command center of your Wish List experience. Here, you can view all the items in your wishlist, email your list to friends and family, and connect your wishlist to all of your devices so you can access it anywhere...anytime.


If that was all there was to the Wishlist, that would be a great way to send "hints" for all those gift-giving occasions.

But that is just scratching the surface of the Wishlist! There's a lot that goes on behind the scene as well. If you add an item to your wishlist, we will keep an eye on that item and send you notifications of price drops or when a low stock situation is triggered - drops below 5 items left in the warehouse. Those features help you keep tabs on gear that matters to you... and your wallet.

And while it isn't part of the Wishlist functionality, you can also hit that back-in-stock notification feature on every product that has gone out of stock. Then, we can drop you a line when the gear hits the warehouse!

Give your Wishlist a test drive with some of the upcoming launches and sales we've got coming up in the weeks ahead. We've got lots of new gear and flash sales coming throughout the holiday season!

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