General Return Policy

Unopened items (unless otherwise stated) in original new condition can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund excluding the shipping costs.

Limited edition products that are made to order cannot be canceled or returned after the order has shipped
We are unable to exchange products. If an item is damaged or defective please contact our customer service team at the below address and they can assist you in receiving a replacement or a refund.

To start this process, please email:


Return Items to:

PMC Fulfillment
C/O Bethesda Store
9660 153rd Ave NE,
Redmond, WA 98052


Situations where an item or items may not be returned or refunded for any reason except where applicable by law.

  • Items that have been opened.
  • Items that have been damaged or are not in their original condition.
  • Any Item that has missing parts or has been played with.
  • Any Item returned more than 60 days from the time the items were received by the customer.
  • Any items that we not purchased from the Bethesda Store.
  • Any product(s) that were sold as part of a bundle, unless the entire contents of the bundle are returned complete.
  • Any item sold during a limited time window of purchase.
    • e. Vault Boy of the Month T-Shirt
    • e. Perk Pin of the Month
  • Any item that has been exposed to or influenced by any of the following

    • The surface of Mars.
    • Species Typhon Cacoplasmus
    • Irradiated Wastelands during shipping
    • The Outsider
    • Nirnroot


UK & EU Order Return & Refund Policy

Customers that order from the UK and EU have explicit rights that extend our General Returns Policy.

It is for International customers to review and be familiar with their rights regarding international orders. A summation of these rights can be found here

  • You have 30 days from the day you receive the goods to request a return on an order.
  • If you want to download digital content within the 30-day cancelation period, you must agree to waive your cancelation rights.
  • A refund will be issued within 14 days of Development Plus, Inc receiving the returned goods or if a receipt confirming proof of postage for the item being returned.
  • A refund of the Basic Delivery Cost will be issued within that 14 days. Enhanced delivery costs will not be refunded.
  • EXCEPTIONS include: CDs, DVDs or software if you've broken the seal on the wrapping, perishable items and tailor-made or personalized items. They also include goods with a seal for health protection and hygiene reasons that's been broken.


Pre-Fulfillment Cancelations

After a customer places an order that order goes into a queue at the warehouse.  The warehouse will usually ship an item within 24 hours.

Depending on customer service ticket volume we may not be able to get your issue before the item ships.  Fear not. You are still able to return this item for a refund (may not include shipping cost) by following our General Return Policy.

If we do get to your order before it has shipped. You will be issued a refund (may not include shipping cost).


Returning Limited Edition Items

Limited-Edition items are produced in limited quantities.  Development Plus Inc, reserves a very small percentage of limited items for customers who might potentially receive damaged goods.

We will make all possible considerations to address issues that arise from Limited-Edition items that arrive damaged to customers. However, if our supply of replacements is exhausted we will offer the customer a refund of the items purchase price. These cases fall under our standard return policy.

IF we can replace your Limited-Edition item with a reserved item, the following rules apply to receive the replacement item:

  • Photographs or Video of the damaged item will be required to be sent to our customer service team.
  • Customer will have to send the damaged item back. After receipt of the item the replacement reserve item will be issued.

You may think this policy strange. We agree. However, to offer every customer a fair chance at a Limited-Edition item we have had to combat arbitrage sellers and resellers abusing and circumventing our returns policy.

We always approach these situations with the utmost empathy. We address every issue with our Limited-Edition items personally.

Please reach out to with questions regarding this policy or issues you have with your Limited-Edition Item.


Returning Software / Video Games / Digital Codes

Unopened CDs and DVDs can be returned under the guidelines of our General Returns Policy. 

Digital Codes and opened CDs and DVDs cannot be returned under any circumstance. No exceptions to this policy unless where prohibited by law.

Please be very careful when purchasing video games at the Bethesda Store.


In Game Item Codes

The Bethesda Store from time to time may offer codes for in game items for any of the available Bethesda Video Game properties. If you have received a code that is invalid. Please send an email to with your issue.

We will work with you and Bethesda to remedy any issues.

Development Plus Inc, cannot replace codes for the following non-exhaustive list of reasons

  • The time limit to use the code has expired
  • The code was entered improperly
  • The code was entered for the incorrect game or platform
  • The code was transferred to a person that was not the original customer the code was issued to.
  • The customer entered an incorrect email at time of purchase.
    • This makes the code unrecoverable and unverifiable. No exceptions.

Development Plus Inc, reserves the right to investigate order returns and withhold potential refunds that stem from the purchase of an item that qualified for an in-game item code.