The Gruesome Death Collection

Limited Edition Fallout Video Game Collectibles: The Gruesome Death Collection

Article by Chelsea Flynn

Fans of the Fallout Video Games, rejoice! Bethesda Gear Store has released a new limited production series of mini statues celebrating the gruesome deaths we've come to love from the games and promo videos of the Fallout franchise. Created by DPI Merchandising, Inc., the first 2 collectibles in the series are now available to pre-order, and we're excited to tell you what the inspiration was behind this limited edition collection.

Coming Up With The Idea

The aptly named Fallout "Gruesome Death" Collection was created in order to celebrate Fallout's unique and gory deaths seen throughout the series tutorials, perk animations, and promo videos. From the delightfully disturbing "game over" screen to the horrific vault stories, Bethesda has never held back on the brutality at any point throughout the post-apocalyptic series. And boy do we ever love them for it. Vault Boy is Vault-Tec's eerie and cartoonish way of softening the blow when it comes to showing violence, so we felt that using the Vault Boy BobbleHead to depict these gruesome deaths was a no-brainer.

We wanted to make a collection that highlighted one of the most unique elements of the game, which is the wild character perks. Fallout's perks are so much more than just stat boosts, and the quirky Vault Boy animations that go along with them deserve their own place on a shelf.

Info about the Collection:

Limited Production: We wanted this launch to be unique and for the die-hard fans of the Fallout series. While there will be a variety of statues in the collection, there will be a limited number of pieces created of each gruesome death.

Material: Each statue is made with polyresin and is hand-painted with a monochrome paint scheme to match the game's nostalgic black and white 50's style. Though, we hear that there may be a special "technicolor" version coming of a fan-favorite.

Style: Each statue in the series is made in the style of Fallout's bobbleheads, making it a replica of the game's artwork and an accurate depiction of the cartoonish Vault-Tec style. 

The First Two Mini Statues of The Collection

To start, we've launched the first two mini statues in the collection, with more to come in the near future.

The first in the series is the Mister Sandman Death. The perk is a favorite among sneaky players of the series. While stealthily navigating the Wasteland, any sleeping ghoul or human is at risk of being pickpocketed in their sleep, or worse. Most player's typically select the "or worse" route and choose to murder their victim in their sleep. This prompts the morbid little icon of Vault Boy gleefully stabbing away at the sleeping victim's chest with a kitchen knife. This icon was the inspiration for the series and is the first to be launched in the collection. The statue depicts a joyful Vault Boy that appears to have already stabbed his sleeping victim through the chest. What a fantastic way to set the tone for this series!

You can still Pre-Order the first statue in the collection right now.

The second collectible in the series definitely takes a different approach with the beloved Bloody Mess perk. The extra 5% damage with all weapons was always a great perk but seeing different characters and creatures explode into a gory red paste was definitely an added bonus. The gruesome gore was always a delight to see and helped us look past the questionable fact that the enemy's head just exploded after being shot in the knee. The design for this statue is a depiction of the perk icon, showing Vault Boy enjoying the deeply satisfying experience of blowing a torso clean off. The mini statue doesn't leave anything to the imagination as the torso-less victim features an exposed spine complete with spurting blood.

This second statue is also available for pre-order.

A Unique Must-Have Collection

This collection was created in order to immortalize some of the most gruesome yet morbidly delightful deaths in the game. Fallout has so many unique characters, quests, and storylines, but the deaths and perks in the game are something that has always stood out to the die-hard fans of the series. With a limited run of only 900 per statue, this is one of our most exclusive launches yet and definitely makes this collectible a unique addition to any fan's collection.

We made these collectibles as a nod to the fan favorites of the series, and we've always felt the perk animations and icons were something worth commemorating. No matter your play style, all of these collectibles capture the game's tone and style, highlighting the cartoonish hyper-violence of this post-apocalyptic survival game.

This series of statues make a great addition to any Fallout player's collection because every player has a story or a favorite memory using one of these wild perks. Fallout has never just been a "shoot 'em up" game, and these unique deaths are one of the many reasons the series keeps us coming back for more. This collection will always be a reminder of some of your favorite in-game moments, and they definitely make for a great conversation piece with fellow lovers of the franchise.

Made By Gamers, For Gamers

As fellow gamers and fans of the Fallout Video Game franchise, we're super excited about this collection, and we hope you are too. The perks in these games have always been so much more than just stat boosts which is why we felt that their quirks and artwork needed to be immortalized for fans of the franchise. We made sure to capture the tone and artwork style of the game so these collectibles are brand-authentic and an accurate representation of the Fallout game experience.

Sneak Peek:

The collection is still growing, with more statues to come. Next in the series is the Cannibal perk, because who doesn't love a little in-game cannibalism!

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