What's Dropping On The Gear Store For QuakeCon 2021?

QuakeCon is here and the Bethesda Gear Store team is excited to participate in the festivities. We've got a big gear sale going on and a bunch of new gear dropping. Get all the details below and make your plans!


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QuakeCon 2021 Release Schedule

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Quake 25th Anniversary Tee


This commemorative shirt marks the silver anniversary of Quake, a legendary game that laid the foundation for many beloved features of the first person shooter genre. The influence of its gameplay, eldritch horrors, design, and more is felt to this day.

The iconic rusty Q served as the game’s logo and a prelude to its unsettling industrial world. We took this symbol’s outline and made it into the artwork’s minimalist centerpiece. It’s set in the foreground of a satisfyingly symmetrical design that honors the occasion.

Wear this tee to celebrate the enduring legacy of Quake, in honor of all the slipgates, fragging, and gothic pandemonium that you keep coming back for.




Fallout Fusion Flea Military Variant


The Chryslus Military Flea is the perfect vehicle for long sorties deep into enemy territory. It has a superbly reliable diesel fusion engine that’s as economical as it is powerful. Lift the hood to see its nuclear glow!

This reconnaissance vehicle’s size belies its tactical prowess. It’s light, nimble and small enough to drive undetected through enemy defenses. The slick, low reflectance matte green paintwork blends perfectly with a range of environments—rendering the Military Flea all but undetectable when it counts.

The livery is neatly offset by the dechromed brightwork, self coloured in a contrasting darker matte green with black headlamp cowls and wing nudge-rails. A tinted canopy detailed with the ejector seat warning triangle finishes off its battleworthy looks.

This highly detailed collectible prop replica of Chryslus’s special three-wheel ultra-sub-compact single-seater military vehicle has been carefully fabricated from a mix of thickly painted die-cast metal, engineering plastics, and thermoplastic rubber, to give a truly evocative collector’s vehicle.

Designed to replicate the specially commissioned military scout vehicles covertly deployed all along the US Army’s advancing fronts, this Flea comes complete with a special infantry patch and commemorative postcard from the Alaska campaign.



Fortress of DOOM Storage Book Bundle


Hang out with the Icon of Sin pinned to your shirt and take a swig from your Ultra Nightmare flask. It’s time to relax and imagine what this bundle’s fake books could possibly be about. Here’s our take:

Eat. Rip. Tear.

With her power, armies, and gaggle of Hell Priests, Khan Maykr was sure she had everything she could ever want. But did she? Follow her antics across worlds in a quest to drink every drop in the fountain of youth!

To Kill a Mockingdemon

This has nothing to do with that classic book you read in school. This is a no-nonsense, step by step guide to destroying every demon in every possible way.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Slaying

This best-selling self-help book was written by the DOOM Slayer himself! It’s an uplifting message to everyone who wants to live in the moment and make the most of it.

It earned an abysmal rating in HellReads. Imps are avid readers, but not fans.



DOOM Super Shotgun Bookends


Load your library with your favorite pieces of literature and two pieces of the Super Shotgun. This pair of bookends features an exquisitely-crafted replica of the weapon as it appears in DOOM Eternal, Meat Hook and all. Its Polyresin material was sculpted and painted to realistically look like metal, wood, and leather. In the detail shots above, you can see its fine, ornate markings and the Sentinel script along its barrel.

Just under this sculpture, the bases of the bookends each feature an imprinted symbol: the Mark of the Slayer, and the DOOM Eternal logo. Use them to enhance the presentation of a collection of books or just one very special volume.



Friday, August 20, 2021

DOOM QuakeCon 2021 Slayer Mini Variant & Pin Set 


Between the pink unicorn, patriot, and Commander Keen costumes, the DOOM Slayer sure loves to dress up. And now to celebrate a milestone in the history of video game LAN parties, he’s adding a QuakeCon skin to his repertoire. This bundle includes a 3.2-inch tall DOOM Slayer mini figure that - except for the special paint scheme - looks just like the collectible you can discover in DOOM Eternal. You’re also getting a 1.38-inch tall soft enamel pin version to display beside the mini figure or wear on your shirt or bag.



Elder Scrolls Online Mehrunes Dagon Banner


Display an unmissable symbol of your devotion to the Daedric Prince of Ambition. This flag bears the symbol and colors of the Order of the Mythic Dawn, who believe in change, revolution, ambition, and that Tamriel belongs to the Daedric Princes. We toppled a dynasty. We opened the Oblivion Gates. We will be reborn in paradise by Mehrunes Dagon’s side.

Use it to decorate your walls, add a backdrop to your streaming or gaming setup, or adorn your home with your faith in the rightful ruler of Tamriel.



Elder Scrolls Online Namira Banner (link live August 20)


Show your faith in the Daedric Prince of the Scuttling Void. This flag bears the symbol of the bat that represents Namira, lord of sundry, dark, and shadowy spirits. She offers her blessings to those shunned by society: the diseased, the repugnant, and those who indulge in dreadful taboos.

Hang this large vertical flag on your wall or door to adorn your home or office with a taste for Namira’s unspeakable ways.



Elder Scrolls Online Hircine Banner (Link Live August 20)


Show your faith in the Daedric Prince of Lycanthropy. This flag bears the emblem of Hircine, who blesses his children with the power and form of a beast. He never sought worship. But his children, the were-creatures, follow him. In the mortal realm, we await the Bloodmoon. In the afterlife, we hunt in paradise.

Use this large vertical flag to decorate your game room, liven up your walls, or embellish your home with the thrill of The Great Hunt.


Saturday, August 21, 2021

Fallout Deathclaw Trophy Wall Mount (link live August 21)



Whether you give them a wide berth or hunt them for sport, there’s no denying that the sight of a Deathclaw can make you feel a rush like no other. Relive that feeling every time you look at this perfectly preserved Deathclaw head. It’s a detailed, three-dimensional replica that depicts the creature at its most ferocious. 

Its open mouth and glaring eyes send a clear warning that it’s ready to charge. Observing it from a different angle, you can see its reptilian tongue extending past its teeth.

Mount this bold statement piece to your wall with the included hooks and screws. It will fill your home with the thrill of the chase as you regale your guests with tales of face-offs with the Wasteland’s apex predator.



Sunday, August 22, 2021

DOOM Eternal Archvile Statue (link live August 22)


Ready your Fortress of DOOM for the arrival of the Archvile, one of the toughest, meanest, and most challenging demons you’ll ever meet. “Stunning” and “gorgeous” aren’t words we’d normally use to describe him, and yet they’re the perfect words to describe this statue.

Standing at 8 inches tall, this replica boasts remarkable detail worthy of the Archvile’s highborn status. You’ll get the powerful stance, the exposed brain, the armor made of spikes and bones, and the flesh… good lord, the flesh. So shiny and beefy and gross. Top it all off with a menacing grin and you got yourself a real charmer.

This collectible comes in a limited production size of only 900 pieces worldwide, each with its individual number. Get yours and give it its own spotlight or place it right next the adorable DOOM Eternal Archvile Mini Collectible Figure.

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