DOOM Classic Oversized Cacodemon Plush

$25.00 USD

The flying, gurgling, squelching Cacodemon is arguably the most iconic monster in the entire DOOM franchise. In fact, it’s the mascot of the very first Classic DOOM.

With its standout design, it has attracted some unlikely but welcome adoration. In a world of hideous hellspawn, the Cacodemon is the closest thing a creature can get to being cute. And it just got cuter.

Put your Super Shotgun away and snuggle up to your DOOM Classic Oversized Cacodemon Plush!


  • Soft plush Cacodemon
  • Sublimation printed eye and mouth
  • Felt incisors
  • Height: 12 in (30.48 cm)


Tired of fighting your demons? This one’s down to cuddle.

Some call it ‘pumpkin.’ Some call it ‘tomato.’ We just call it cute.

It’s an adorable version of the very first Cacodemon, in all its bright red glory. It’s big, round, and covered in soft plush. It’s got those little horns and that goofy grin with huge, silly teeth.

One look into its green eye and you’d feel an urge to hug it. Turns out you’re always just one squishy demon away from a good night’s sleep.

    DOOM Classic Oversized Cacodemon Plush

    $25.00 USD


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    $25.00 USD