DOOM Eternal Whiplash Mini Collectible Figure

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  • Limited Production
    • Only 1,000 worldwide
    • Individually-numbered
  • Official replica of the in-game collectible figure
    • Portrays the DOOM Eternal’s Whiplash, a serpentine demon with cybernetic enhancements
    • Finely sculpted details on all the cybernetic ridges, bolts and serpentine tail and the spikes of the spine and forearm
    • Material: Polyresin
    • Hand-painted
      • Vibrant colors for the exposed inner flesh
      • Metallics for the cyber augmentations
  • Size: (2.05 x 2.01 x 3.35 in) 5.2 x 5.1 x 8.5 cm 
  • Due to differences between monitor displays and the nature of hand-painted items, your product may vary from the images shown.




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First discovered in the black desert of the Sanctum Wastelands, the Whiplash is a terrifying creature transformed by the UAC into a slithering soldier for the armies of Hell. Fast, lethal, and unpredictable, it has proved itself a dangerous enemy for the DOOM Slayer.

The DOOM Eternal Whiplash Mini Collectible Figure portrays this half-organic, half-cybernetic, full-blown nightmare in its miniature form. Players will recognize this limited production in-game collectible replica as a real-life version of a “secret” that can be discovered within the game. 

It’s a study in contrast, with a lithe serpentine form balanced by large hands, each with three fingers. The upper half of its body remains mostly flesh and bone. The lower half appears mostly cybernetic. 

Looking closely at its face, you’ll see that the top of its intimidating skull splits in the middle and extends into horns curving up and backwards. Between them, you’ll find the demon’s vibrant pink brain. More exposed flesh can be found between the Whiplash’s ribs, coming out of its back, and on its skinless neck. 

In contrast to these fleshy details, the lower body features ridges, bolts, and a metallic finish—a vision of the UAC’s achievements in cybernetic enhancement. This includes the Whiplash’s “gloves” and its serpentine tail featuring many sections and a three-pronged tip. 

Each piece in this limited production of only 1,000 is individually-numbered and skillfully painted by hand, making yours truly unique and special.




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    DOOM Eternal Whiplash Mini Collectible Figure

    $29.99 USD $45.00 USD

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    $29.99 USD $45.00 USD