Fallout Paladin Danse Statue

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  • Limited Edition
    • Only 900 worldwide
    • Individually-numbered
    • Certificate of Authenticity Included
  • Height: 7.6 in (19.3 cm)
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Product color may vary from the images shown due to monitor display variance.
  • This pre-order item is estimated to ship during the month of December 2022.
 Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity Fallout In-Game Character


If the suit does not make the man, then what’s a Paladin without the Power Armor? This one in particular is still a beloved companion, a loyal friend, and a heroic soldier. The Bethesda Gear Store is proud to present the Fallout Paladin Danse Statue, limited to only 900 worldwide.

Resting his plasma gun on his thigh after an unexpected battle with feral ghouls, Paladin Danse scans his surroundings for more threats. Remember when Hancock said, “[I’d] like to see what you’re capable of without all that Power Armor”? Well, who’s gonna tell him about the ghoul head trampled under Danse’s foot?

This limited edition collectible features the character in his orange inner suit, looking no less powerful than he is in his T-60. The outfit boasts intricate details like rivets, buckles, piping, stitching, weathering, dust, and hardly any damage. His clothing tells the story of a battle-hardened and elite soldier of the Brotherhood of Steel. The scar and expression on his face allude to a complex history just beneath the surface. All of these details are rendered in polyresin which allows the statue to create the convincing appearance of different materials.

This replica of Danse stands proud at 7.6 inches tall. As long as he stands guard over your collection, you know that you’ll be safe from ghouls, synths, and super mutants. Each statue comes with its unique individual number and a Certificate of Authenticity.



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    Fallout Paladin Danse Statue

    $74.99 USD $125.00 USD

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    $74.99 USD $125.00 USD