Nuka-Cola Coin with Mini Fridge Tin

$30.00 USD

Updated on 4/25/22: Corrected length from 6 to 2.6 inches


For avid Fallout and coin collectors

  • Collectible Fallout Nuka Cola Coin
  • Side A:
    • Cappy and Bottle dancing along
  • Side B:
    • Nuka Cola Script Logo
    • “Have a Nuke. Have a Nuka” surround the brand logo
  • Material:
    • Zinc alloy with antique nickel finish
  • Size:
    • 2-inch diameter, 4mm thick (5.08 cm)


Some place cool to show off your new coin

  • Nuka-Cola Mini Tin Fridge Display
  • Nuka Cola Branding all around
    • Red, white and a little bit of black Nuka color scheme
    • On the lid, a replica of a vending machine
    • Nuka Cola bottle shown on the left side
    • Nuka Cola in script on the right side
  • Nuts and Bolts
    • 2 hinges on the left side
    • Black display foam with a cut out for the coin
  • Material:
    • Printed tin plate
  • Size:
    • 2.6 x 1.6 x 4.5 inches (6.5 x 4.1 x 11.5 cm) 


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Inspired by the Nuka World amusement park from Fallout 4, the Gear Store has created the Nuka-Cola Coin with Mini Fridge Tin. Designed in mind as an item the Nuka-Cola Corporation would have sold at its massive theme park.

It’s Cappy and Bottle on the front of the coin in their happy stance. Sparkling stars shine above them. On the back of the coin the classic Nuka-Cola logo in script. The words “Have a Nuka. Have a Nuke” surround the label.

Display your Nuka-Cola coin in the Nuka-Cola branded mini tin fridge. On the front, a mini fridge has been printed on the lid, replicating a vending machine for Nuka-Colas. The coin fits into the foam so you can store it or leave the lid open to show off your new collectible.

The mini tin case isn’t jut for your Nuka-Cola coin. You can store other collectible items inside it like the Fallout 24K Gold Plated XL Premium Pin Badge or the Nuka-Cade Token.



Fallout Video Game Merchandise

  • Collectibles: Nuka-Cola Coin with display tin case

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Nuka-Cola Coin with Mini Fridge Tin

$30.00 USD


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$30.00 USD