Nuka World Flag

$15.00 USD

Fill your vault with a sense of adventure with the Fallout Nuka World Flag! This large collector’s item is an anniversary special, celebrating the first wondrous day that Nuka World opened its doors.


  • One-sided Nuka World graphic
Hang with 2 grommets
  • 5 x 3 ft (approx 152 x 91 m)

Hang art on your wall

Liven up your room. Give your place a pop of bright red color and charming Fallout art. This flag gives any space a new look that’s as sweet and refreshing as a bottle of fizzy Nuka-Cola.

Quench your thirst for the good old days! Or relish the thrill of raider settlements. Display your Nuka World banner proudly, be you a fan of its pre-war glory or its post-war notoriety.

It’s all fizz, no fuss. Setup is easy! Because it’s lightweight and well-designed. Use the two holes along one side to hang it in no time.

Be the Overboss! Remember that graphic? It’s in the archway of Nuka World amusement park. It’s a symbol of adventure—and power, if you’re so inclined. Experiment with different placements to achieve your desired effect.

Get the Fallout Nuka World flag, and transform your vault into place like no other.


  • Material: Polyester
  • Colors: red background; yellow; white
  • Created by Development Plus, Inc

    Nuka World Flag

    $15.00 USD

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    $15.00 USD