Vault Boy Need A Hand Mini

$45.00 USD


  • Limited Production
    • Only 900 worldwide
    • Individually-numbered
    • 5th release in a series of monochromatic Vault Boy mini statues
    • No Certificate of Authenticity
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Hand-painted
  • Size
    • Length: 3.35 in (8.51 cm)
    • Width: 2.36 in (5.99 cm)
    • Height: 3.94 in (10.01 cm)
  • Due to differences between monitor displays, your product may vary from the images as shown. 



Celebrate the wonders of radiation with your Fallout Vault Boy Need A Hand Mini Statue #5. It depicts Vault Boy reeling from the shock of suddenly sprouting an extra arm and leg, just like he did in Vault-Tec’s educational video about Endurance.

Caught mid-gasp, his face is a mix of shock and worry. He is frozen in place with three hands in the air, and three feet firmly planted on the “wooden” floorboards he’s standing on. Modeled after a scene in a Vault-Tec cartoon, this collectible, features simple details and an endearing style of art. View the closeups and turnaround video above to see for yourself. 

In a post-apocalyptic world where most things are in short supply, two limbs too many is definitely better than two limbs too few! If this happens to you, you should take things in stride, and with three legs to stride with, it shouldn’t be hard. Plus, can you imagine how useful an extra fist would be in a fight?

Still, if you’re one of those who would rather have exactly two arms and two legs, you can take this mini figure as a warning about what happens to those who tread the Wasteland unprepared.

This collectible comes in an individually numbered limited production run of only 900 worldwide.


Fallout Video Game Merchandise

  • Collectible: Polyresin Statue

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    Vault Boy Need A Hand Mini

    $45.00 USD

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    $45.00 USD