Pip-Boy Light-up Screen: Upgrade Module

$35.00 USD

Bring your Pip-Boy to life with this illuminated display panel upgrade module. Retrofit to an existing 2000 Mk VI kit or build in when first assembling the kit, either way, the module is guaranteed to brighten your day with its fun Malfunction Function™ and authentically vintage Tap-to-Fix™ action.

Scientists agree - there is probably no glow that is more satisfying.

Follow the clear instructions to upgrade your Pip-Boy with crystal clear light-up panel goodness.

Beam with joy as you realize that these beautiful components are wrapped and protected in an authentic newsprint page of the iconic Boston Bugle newspaper, and then discover that the three AAA-sized fusion cell replicas, included bringing your display panel to life, are supplied by Mass Fusion.

Once the illuminated panel is installed, a single press of the power button on the top of the Pip-Boy’s main control box housing is all that is needed to fire up the display. Marvel at how sharp the image is when viewed through the crystal clear Tritan™ monitor glass; nothing could be more perfect – well until it starts to go wrong that is! And yet then, in a strange way, when it starts to falter, it gets even better. Because, as you may have come to expect from a piece of Wasteland engineering, sooner or later (randomly within three minutes in this case) the display starts to malfunction and, as it flickers in a most pleasingly authentic way, you really feel that you are there, in the thick of the action. However, when it does start to fail, don’t worry, help is at hand… actually, help is at your hand, when you engage the Tap-to-Fix™ function by delivering a swift tap or two to the top of the housing to stop the flickering and restore normal function.

Naturally, if you tap the top of the Pip-Boy when everything is a-OK, you’ll find that the display will also flicker briefly as if tapping it has momentarily dislodged some vital internal connection.

RobCo and Vault-Tec working together to bring you a satisfying glow, almost guaranteed!

The perfect upgrade for your Pip-Boy Kit: Full instructions enlighten you, leading you along the path to even greater illumination.

Malfunction Function ™: Can it be that something going wrong is actually going even more right? Definitely – when, from time to time, the display flickers randomly as if it is malfunctioning.

Tap-to-Fix ™: Long before the era of sorting technical issues by “turning it off and then on again”, users all over the world frustratingly tapped their electronic devices in an attempt to make them work better. There’s no frustration here though – when the display panel flickers, just tap the housing in this charmingly vintage manner to restore its function.

Pip-Boy’s Main Screen: The hidden-until-revealed design displays a crystal-clear image of Vault-Boy glowing green.

Glass-like screen: The ultra-glossy, highly polished, Tritan™ screen glass looks stunning.

Simple to operate: A single press of the top control box button powers display up and down, then all you have left to do is admire it.

Easy to install: Full instructions take you through the simple steps needed to disassemble your Pip-Boy and install the Illuminated Display Panel.

Wrapped in the Boston Bugle: An authentic newsprint Boston Bugle front page, packed with in-universe news articles, wraps and protects your Illuminated Display Panel during shipping - it’s a gorgeous, crumpled up collectible in its own right.

Supplied with three Fusion Cells: The three AAA batteries supplied with the module have been designed to replicate Fusion Cells and are packed in a triple cell blister, sealed onto a special Mass Fusion backing card. 

Pip-Boy Light-up Screen: Upgrade Module

$35.00 USD


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$35.00 USD